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'Arcane Hound’ is a captivating 72" by 48" acrylic masterpiece that brings to life a Doberman cyborg in electrifying splendor. Against a canvas awash with hues of blue, yellow, and pink, the dynamic canine figure emerges, its sinewy form crackling with bolts of lightning erupting from its mechanical spine. Meticulously applied gears create a tactile dimension, fusing the realms of art and technology into a mesmerizing exploration of power and innovation

Arcane Hound (72" x 48")

  • 72 by 48 in (6 ft by 4 ft) original signed acrylic painting with genuine gears, wires, and chains incorporated into the painting, giving it a 3d look. Hand-dated and signed with a certificate of authenticity. Double-coated in Liquitex professional varnish to protect against dust, aging and stains.

  • 10 business days

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